Why It Is Time For Lagos To Produce The Next President

Batte For 2023: Logical Reason Why It Is Time For Lagos To Produce The Next PresidentWelcome to today’s freaky Friday, where the editorial board of the Bush Radio Academy will be telling it like it is. On freaky Friday, the subject of the conversation may be described in harsh language, so proceed with caution.

In recent weeks, I’ve seen evidence that the opposition parties are working hard to distort the narrative that Tinubu built Lagos; they’ve gone back in time and said everything they could to twist the story to their advantage. Names such as Mobolaji Johnson, Lateef Jakande,  Buba Marwa, and others who have contributed to the development of Lagos are prominently mentioned.

They have articulated their arguments—Lagos was once the Federal Capital Territory—and they have spoken persuasively, what they have really said is that Lagos is a leader in terms of setting the pace of development and a place where previous Lagos State governments have excelled.So, based on their words and actions, up to eulogizing Tinubu’s successors, Ambode and Sanwo Olu, for the clearly visible transformation of Lagos State, they have concluded that Lagos State, for whatever reasons they have advanced, remains the undisputed leader in infrastructure, development, economy, security, and so on.

So, if we agree that all previous Lagos governments performed admirably, what prevents a Lagosian from becoming the next president when we clearly have a Lagosian in the person of Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the race?Is it not better for us all if our country can be transformed into a mini Lagos across the six geo-political regions? It’s similar to a continental challenge in that each country is expected to bring their best athletes to compete; they don’t settle for second best, regardless of tribe or religion. How many times have Nigerians questioned the composition of our national relay team?We can all agree that Tinubu didn’t build Lagos alone; it took a team effort, but no other state’s governors have been able to create a perfect team effort like Lagos, so why do we want to take a chance when we already have a good team with a player who is performing well?Is this not amusing? It only demonstrates that Tinubu is an ideal team player who can maintain sustainability and make sure he transfers the baton to another capable team member who can do the same.But, because some people have decided to be hypocrites and turn logic on its head, they want to mock Tinubu for not even being a member of the relay team that has consistently given Lagos the gold medal.Then they’ll say Tinubu isn’t from Lagos, providing a weak defense for their folly. However, according to all known laws, Tinubu represents Lagos and has previously served in that capacity, making him a Bonafide  Lagos citizen by whatever ramifications or perception you put it, even in their own foolishness.Let them say whatever they want, after all, people call other people goats, and no matter how stupid a person is, he or she will never be a goat as long as he or she is human.If those people, who are always spreading lies about others, asked their adversaries to describe them, you might hear things like, “No mind Faith,” “na pig she be,” “Emma, that slave no be human being o.” etc , Why then should it come as a surprise that they say Tinubu is not a native of Lagos?When you now refer to their aspirant as a regional candidate, the same people who previously begged to keep religion and tribe out of politics now turn red with rage.

Lagos deserves to produce the next president because it is time for the goose that lays the golden egg to take proper command so that golden eggs can be laid throughout the federation’s 36 states. Lagos has never produced the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s President.Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO Bush Radio Academy.https://ireporteronline.com.ng/blog/batte-for-2023-logical-reason-why-it-is-time-for-lagos-to-produce-the-next-president/
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