Turns Off Pipeline Gas To Europe, Cites “Oil Leak”

The Nord Stream 1 Pipeline supplies gas to Europe with Russia earlier been accused of “energy blackmail, after turning of the gas on France and later Germany citing payments and routine maintenance respectively.Reduced deliveries via Nord Stream have left countries scrambling to refill storage tanks for winter and led to fears that Putin may ultimately determine whether or not the lights stay on in Europe amid the coldest months.During maintenance work on the gas compressor unit Trent 60 (GPA No. 24) of the Portovaya compressor station, carried out jointly with representatives of Siemens, an oil leak with an admixture of a sealing compound was detected at the connectors of the terminal connections of the cable lines of the low and intermediate pressure rotor speed sensors.Oil has been detected on the cable plug connection of the BPE2 subplate included in the motor.Oil was also found in the area of ​​the cable line in the external terminal box of the GPA automatic control system outside the noise and heat insulating casing. The oil leak detection report was also signed by representatives of Siemens.The Company received a Warning from Rostekhnadzor of Russia that the detected faults and damages do not allow for safe trouble-free operation of the gas turbine engine. In this connection, it is necessary to take appropriate measures and suspend further operation of the Trent 60 gas compressor unit in connection with the identified gross violations.Similar oil leaks were previously detected at gas compressor units with engines No. 075, No. 076, No. 120, which underwent a factory overhaul and are now in a state of forced downtime. According to Siemens, the complete elimination of oil leakage on these turbines is possible only in the conditions of a specialized repair shop.A letter regarding the identified malfunctions of the Trent 60 unit (No. 24) and the need for their elimination was sent to the President and CEO of Siemens Energy AG, Christian Bruch.Until the comments on the operation of the equipment are eliminated, gas transport to the Nord Stream gas pipeline has been completely stopped.SOURCEThe news came hours after G7 leaders agreed to impose price caps on Russian oil in a bid to curtail and defund Putin’s war in Ukraine.The complete halt of Nord Stream, which runs under the Baltic Sea to Germany, would leave only two major routes supplying gas to the European Union: one via Ukraine and TurkStream through the Black Sea. Flows through Ukraine have also been curbed, while TurkStream to the south of Europe is operating without disruptions.Russia is the world’s second largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia and the world’s largest exporter of natural gas. Europe imports about 40% of its gas and 30% of its oil from Russia
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