Snake Bites 2-year-old; Kid Bites Back

WJW) — A 2-year-old took life into her own hands recently when a snake bit into her lip.Rather than letting the reptile get the best of her, the child bit back, killing the animal, Newsweek reported.Neighbors in the small village near Bingol, Turkey, reportedly heard the child screaming in her backyard during the attack on Aug. 10. Running to her aid, they found a 20-inch snake in her teeth and a bite mark on her mouth.Newsweek said the child is recovering well after a 24-hour stint in the hospital. Her father told news outlets she had been playing with the snake prior to the bite.The kind of snake involved in the incident is unknown at this time but there are 12 types of venomous snakes found in the country. The World Health Organization says venomous snake bites can affect children much more quickly than adults.
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