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ASUU declared a strike in February 2022.Every meeting with the Union has always ended in deadlock.The union, however, stood its ground and claims not to shift grounds until all of its demands are met.Meanwhile, the union president kept referring to how the government has seized their salaries to influence their decisions and stance.This is the month of September 2022 and the government has met more than 60% of the union demands.All the striking unions already called off strike the past month after a brief meeting with the government.ASUU has refused to call off the strike because the Federal government is not willing to pay them their 6 months salary arrears.They’ve however been very tactical with the strike time frame. At first, they declared one month strike, then kept increasing the time frame while making it look as if they were willing to call off the strike in good faith.They declared an indefinite strike after the government had met 60% of their frivolous demands.Before the federal government thinks about paying the union their 6 months arrears, think about the effect it will have.ASUU is known for declaring strikes every year because they often get paid before they resume back to class.Where is it done that a union will declare 6 months strike, and still be expecting a salary for work not done?There is without a doubt that the union has lost the sympathy of 80% of most Nigerians, and the only thing stopping students from declaring them public enemy No.1 in the educational sector is because of “fear”If the federal government decides to pay them today, nothing will stop them from declaring a 3-5 years strike tomorrow!!!
ASUU is failing to realize that nobody is happy with the present-day government.Declaring over 3 months of strike while expecting pay for work not done is selfish, and unjustifiable.In a sane world, a union is expected to press its demands for a maximum of 3 months before resuming back to classes.Before declaring an indefinite strike; the union claim they are not going to make up for the lost months if the government fails to pay themNo matter what happens, students will always be at the receiving end.During our time, lecturers were so inconsiderate after calling off 4 months ASUU strike. They started exams immediately as if we were the cause of the strike/fight.The bolded part has always been the tradition of ASUU. They don’t make up for all the lost months.”ASUU claims the strike is a sacrifice for the generation to come.” They should also be willing to sacrifice their one-year salary for the generation to come.

Paying ASUU will mean more subscriptions to more strikes in the nearest future.Not paying them their 6 months strike will make them more reasonable before declaring another strike in the nearest future,
(II) It will enable them to give more listening hears to what the government has to offer quicker, rather than standing on what they want!
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Re: Paying ASUU 6 Months Arears Will Promote More Strike – Oblivion