Another intriguing moment has surfaced again ahead of the 2023 general elections in February Two political parties, the National Conscience Party (NCP) and the Nigeria Presidential Project (NPP) collapsed their structure for Peter Obi Both political parties said the principle of the Labour Party was behind their decision to collapse their structure The Labour Party and its bannerman, Peter Obi have been given a huge boost ahead of next month’s polls following a merger with the National Conscience Party (NCP). As reported by the Nigerian Tribune, the leadership of the NCP stated that the decision to collapse its structure for Obi was due to his competence and capacity to change the norm and place Nigeria on the pedestal of development.

Peter Obi has been described by many political analysts as the underdog of the 2023 polls. Speaking on this development, the national chairman of the party, Dr Tanko Yinusa pledged to give Obi his absolute support while also assuring the Labour Party’s bannerman of mass mobilisation of supporters.

He stated that the philosophy, modules and tenets of the Labour Party align with the NCP while also stating that Obi has “all it takes to earn the trust and confidence of our party.With less than six weeks to the presidential polls, another political party, Nigeria Presidential Project (NPP) made an official declaration of its absolute support for the candidacy of Peter Obi at next month’s presidential polls.

NCP was formed in 1994 but was prevented from standing in elections until 2003 when it won a legal battle to be able to do so. In the presidential election of that year the party’s candidate, Gani Fawehinmi, came fifth, polling 161,333 votes or 0.41% of the popular vote.

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