Nurse Trolled For Wearing Inappropriate Uniform

A nurse was slammed for wearing an “inappropriate” uniform to work but defended herself by saying it’s just her hourglass figure.Erika Diaz, 22, works as a nurse after graduating from a university in Texas, US, and she recently went viral after posting a video of herself in a scrub suit.In the short clip, she has her blue top tucked into the matching pants and steps away from the camera to reveal her entire look.The young nurse then shared a comment she has received from cruel trolls, who asked: “Why do you wear your scrubs like that, it’s inappropriate.”Another wrote: “We don’t tuck in the top.””Or you could just buy a slightly bigger size, it’s no big deal,” a third added.But Erika said it’s the way the uniform fits on her natural body, adding: “Some people just have an issue with my body, not my scrubs and it shows.”I’m sorry but when you wear a size XXS, it’s hard to find scrubs that fit correctly.

“Just for clarification, I’m 5ft2in, and 107 lbs.
“The 22-year-old also revealed she has been juggling between two jobs while also doing volunteering work and going to school.She said: “It’s a lot but having a good schedule set will help you maximise your time!”I’m devoting my life to the improvement of others and anyone’s opinions are irrelevant”.
Re: Nurse Trolled For Wearing Inappropriate Uniform Says “It’s Just My Body Shape