Newly Married Man Caught His Wife In Hotel Room With His Nigerian man who recently got married became overtly emotional when he caught his wife cheating with his friend.He almost broke down crying in a video making the rounds online after nabbing his wife and friend in a hotel.The distraught man said he has been suspecting that the two of them after noticing some sneaky behaviour.was gathered that the couple tied the knot few weeks ago, so the discovery left him totally devastated.According to the husband, he had earlier warned his friend named Dennis to stay away from his wife after seeing that they were getting close.He, however didn’t know the situation continued up until the moment he caught them red-handed in a hotel room.In the video, he could be seen chiding his friend while making him to open his room. He found his wife hiding in the bathroom and he asked his her why she decided to be unfaithful.
Re: Newly Married Man Caught His Wife In Hotel Room With His Friend (Video)
Just few weeks? I think it’s time we sensitize people that it’s not a big deal if you don’t get married. She liked the friend better but the simp husband was the one available for marriage. Too bad he didn’t catch them before the wedding perhaps he could have saved himself small dignity and manhood. But now he’s emasculated by a b!tch he married and a backstabber he called friend.Women of the world, personally, I’m not against you fvcking around, it’s your choice and can be fruitful if you are strategic about it. If you must do however, don’t get married! Same applies to men.