NEW NAIRA: Who is Bearing the Brunt: The Politician or the Masses?

When the president wanted to end the use of old #1000, #500 and #200 by January 31, he made it look as if he is trying to checkmate corrupt politicians from having naira note in their private vault, and so many sadist commended him thinking that it is the political class that will suffer.

Just three days down the line, the reality is setting in and people could not buy or sell because of paucity of new notes and the politician that was taught to be the ones to bear the brunt do not join the ATM queue to withdraw the new note.

In my area, I have not heard of any big politician complain, it’s just a call from bank managers and bags of new notes are taken to their houses, so will want to ask, in your area who is bearing the brunt: the politician or the masses?