Mother Rejects Car Gift From Son

Mother Rejects Car Gift From Son, Questions His Source Of Wealth (Photos, Video)

A Nigerian woman rejected a car gift from her son on her birthday, IGBERETV has learnt.

The moment was captured in a short video shared by Maria Ude Nwachi via her verified Facebook handle.

As seen in the video, the woman accused the young man of being an internet fraudster and lamented that he intended to use her for rituals by virtue of the car gift. Despite attempts by the young man and his friends to convince her into accepting the gift, she refused and ordered him to take it away while also bursting balloons used in decorating the car.

According to her, he is still a university student with no job and as such shouldn’t be able to afford such a whip. “You are just a student. Which work are you doing?” she said to him.