Mile 2 Fire Situation Report: Lagos State Fire & Rescue Service

Mile 2 Fire Situation Report

The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service is presently combating intense Fire at an articulated Motor Park, Otto Wharf, Mile 2, Lagos which resulted from a diesel tanker that exploded and resulted in inferno.

The report which was alerted at 15:44hrs Tuesday saw three Fire Crews of d Agency raised to douse d Fire with copious Chemical Foam Compound with a mixture of Water.

Preliminary investigation reveals that d avoidable disaster stem from weildering works on the diesel tanker resulting into explosion and ensued in Fire.

The Fire which involved quite numbers of Tankers, Peddler Trucks, various sizes of storage Tanks and Drums all stocks in AGO.

The Public is hereby assured that the situation is under control as the spread of the Fire has been caught and poses no further threat.

There is no record of casualty thus far.

Further details will be updated as situation demands.

Ogabi Olajide
Deputy Head
Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service
July 19, 2022