Message “Exposed” By Obi Did Not Originate From A Tinubu Supporter

Peter, you are nothing but a LIAR. The name of the individual whose whatssap message you publicised on your mendacious & childish video, which I have posted here, is Powell Glad Legbe who is not only an Igbo but also a racist, hate-filled reprobate & delusional delinquent..1/

..who despises the Yoruba, Hausa, Fulani & Ijaw & who is close to you.
That is why you covered his name and did not want it mentioned in your video.
You now lied & attempted to pass him off as a member of the Tinubu Support Group & a Yoruba man when you knew very well that..2/

..this was not the case. Based on this alone it is clear that you are a very dangerous, deceitful and dishonest man who is brimming with mendacity and who is attempting to spark off a tribal war between the Igbo on the one hand and the Yoruba and rest of Nigeria on the other. 3/

That is what your video was trying to achieve & by God’s grace you shall fail.
You ended by saying that Tinubu is “not well” & that he is a sick man meanwhile you that sounds like an Egyptian eunuch when u talk is not only sick in the mind but also sick in body,spirit & soul. 4/

..Your sickness has deluded you into thinking that you can be President when deep down you know that you do not have a hope in hell of winning even up to 10% of the vote in ANY state. I hereby warn you to mind what you say, act your age & stop attempting to create ethnic..5/

..racial & religious divisions in our country lest we name you as a closet secessionist who is not fit to be considered as a patriot, a national figure or a serious presidential candidate & who hates anything or anyone that is not from your part of the country. 6/

..The truth is that you do not represent the Igbo, you only represent your own stomach. You are shameless opportunist & a man that is filled with lies. Your agenda is not an Igbo one: it is a personal one for you & your inner circle& it is a rough, dark, dingy& slippery road..7/

..that leads to nowhere. You know you cannot win so you want to provoke a second civil war and God forbid that should ever happen. I call on the Igbo leadership & elders to call this dangerously deluded, irresponsible & vainglorious man to order & to warn him to desist from..8/

..from provoking the entire nation into a confrontation with those he claims to represent.

We want peace and unity in our country.

We do not want a tribal war and neither should we be encouraging or provoking one with our words, actions and fanciful fables.