Lecturers Will Never Tell You This


If you are invited for a job interview, at the entrance of the gate or within the Organization’s premises:

1. Politely greet everybody. I have seen MDs and Managers disguised and standing at the gate to observe interviewees.

2. Do not go inside and start charging your phone or begin to look for where to charge your phone.

3. Do not go inside and begin to chat with your phone or make unnecessary calls. Put the phone inside your bag. They could be monitoring you through the camera.

4. Avoid too much talk with fellow interviewees. Don’t go there and begin to argue about the government of the day, escalated food prices, and even lack of employment opportunities. Just be calm and positive.

5. Don’t start praying and speaking in tongues to demonstrate your religiosity and closeness to God. Pray at home before going.

6. If they offer you Tea or food, Please reject it politely and thank them. You can take it after the interview. If you take that Tea or food, you are out.

7. Don’t chew gum, biscuit, or anything. Go with a book and be reading it.

8. Never criticize your previous employer.

9. If you see somebody you know in the Organization, either as a staff or a fellow interviewee, greet him officially. Avoid creating an impression that you know him.

10. Do not appear too Poor, helpless, and inferior before the interviewer. Forget about Nigeria’s problems, your personal and family problems. Focus on the job.

11. After the interview, put up a smiling face, thank them and leave.

In most cases, interviewers assess and score interviewees by the factors above and not necessarily by the answers they provide on paper. They’ll train you eventually to do the job if they employ you.