I Will Join Yoruba Nation Agitators If … – Oluwo

Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Abdulrosheed Akanbi, has vowed to join Yoruba nation agitators along with other monarchs if the country’s presidency is not given to the south in 2023.[/i]Oluwo in a statement issued by his media aide, Alli Ibrahim on Friday, said yoruba separatists agenda will be justified if power is retained in the north in 2023, urging politicians not to tear Nigeira apart.
He added that his traditional voice doused tension of the nation agitators, appealing to northern traditional rulers, notable politicians and stakeholders to intervene in shifting power to the Southern Nigeria.

According to the monarch, southern candidates are credible and capable to lead Nigeria. There is no justification for denying them power for the unity of the country“The conventional power rotation has contributed immensely to cement the unity of Nigeria. Retaining the power in the North will spur further agitations likely to question the oneness of Nigeria”“I’m a leading Natural Paramount Ruler from the Southern Nigeria dousing tensions of the Yoruba Nation Agitations. My intervention was to ensure a united Nigeria.Then, the Agitators raised many issues for consideration. One of them was the conventional power rotation of the presidency. We hoped their voice was noted for consideration. We don’t pray to see such a demonstration again. It can be curbed with political fairness ahead of 2023 general elections. Politics must not tear the country apart.“I’m appealing to Northern traditional rulers and stakeholders to consider Southern presidency in the interest of fairness, equity and unity. President Muhammed Buhari of Northern extraction has almost completed two terms of 8 years. In fairness, power should return to the South.

“Retaining power in the North will fuel Agitations. We hope some of us who quenched the previous protest will not join should the power remains in the North.
[i]“Once again, I enjoin stakeholders, owners of Nigeria and opinion leaders to prioritize Nigeria than personal interest. We should crave for unity, togetherness, oneness and fairness. I stand with one Nigeria”.https://www.vanguardngr.com/2022/09/ill-join-yoruba-nation-agitators-if-olu
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