How To Know You Are Dating Yourself

When you hear people use the word “you are dating yourself” its simply means that your partner in off your hook and you are dating yourself. That is to say your breakfast is almost ready, asin na small time remain before them serve you. So how do you know your breakfast is around the corner. Your partner will always do the following1) always too busy that he or she doesn’t have your time. Paraventure they finally call, the conversation will be so dry, straight to the point, etc …. .2). Break in communication: if the person claims to be your joy giver can go a day or two without bordering to hear from you, my dear you are dating yourself.3) if they are always online late night without chatting you up. Some time you tried to call on WhatsApp and you see “on another call”4). When they start doing my bestee my bestee while you are just there. My dear be vigilant oh make bestee no do you small thing o.Make i stop here. I know say some people get other opinion or counter opinion.
Seems you don’t even know women grin. They can hide, pretend do anything as long as it makes them do what they wanna do without notice.
Once you find a Nigerian woman that is transparent, gives you peace of mind, respect and gives you her time, she supports and make you her priority and she come get fear of God. Nobody needs to tell you to keep her.Sex, Cooking skills and other minor things can be easily learnt but you see those virtues i mentioned up, that’s the key gee.As our Ancestors would say “A virtues woman is transparent in nature”.