Harris Hosts Osinbajo Inside Her Ceremonial Office

@VP Harris is about to host a bilateral meeting with the Vice President of Nigeria @ProfOsinbajo inside the VP ceremonial office.

The meeting comes after the U.S. released its “new vision” for subsaharan Africa early last month.


VP Osinbajo confers with US counterpart at White House on mutual interests. VP Harris commends FG’s Energy Transition Plan,ETP-praising Osinbajo’s leadership, by which “I have no question that they-ETP goals-would be achieved.” Osinbajo also praised the US Inflation Reduction Act.

VP Harris also says confidently to VP Osinbajo, in recognition of his ongoing global advocacy on a just energy transition towards 2060 net-zero emissions target,-“ when we look at the issue of the climate crisis, Mr Vice President, you have been an eternal leader on this issue.”