Hailstones, The Size Of Tennis Balls Hits ( Pics, Video)

HAIL STONES!: One-year-old girl is killed by 4in HAIL STONE as Smashing storm in Spain leaves nearly 70 people with injuries including broken bonesA one-year-old girl has died after being hit by a huge four-inch hail stone during a horror storm in Spain, as the country faces its latest bout of extreme weather.The toddler was one of 67 people hurt after receiving direct impacts from hail stones in and around the Catalan town of La Bisbal de l’Emporda.She was rushed to Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona on Tuesday afternoon but died early Wednesday morning as a result of severe head trauma.A woman remained in the same hospital on Wednesday because of the injuries she suffered in the devastating hailstorm.

Most of the other people who needed medical treatment are said to have suffered head injuries or cuts from the ice that needed stitches as well as broken bones.Many cars and buildings were also damaged by the tennis ball-size stones, with roof tiles smashed and solar panels dented.
Catalan weather chiefs said the hailstones that fell in the area, near the tourist city of Girona close to Spain’s border with France, were the largest in twenty years.The deluge began at around 7.30pm on Tuesday, and the 20-month-old girl suffered the deadly blow a few minutes later. The hail storm lasted around 15 minutes.She was rushed to hospital, but passed away as a result of severe head trauma on Wednesday morning, according to Murcia Today.The Spanish news outlet reported that firefighters recieved more than 40 emergency calls ‘due to different damage to buildings and wiring’, as well as to support ‘in the assistance of the injured’.The nationality of the toddler who died, and where exactly she was when she was hit by the hailstones that killed her, is not yet known.
Re: Hailstones, The Size Of Tennis Balls Hits Spain ( Pics, Video) 
Re: Hailstones, The Size Of Tennis Balls Hits Spain ( Pics, Video) 
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