Fact Check: Did Tinubu Share Ghana Must-Go Bags Containing Cash To Delegates?

FACT CHECK: Did Tinubu Share Ghana Must-Go Bags Containing Cash To Delegates?

A video showing people jubilating at the sight of huge ‘Ghana must-go’ bags has been circulating on social media with different captions, suggesting that the APC presidential flag bearer, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, induced delegates with money to emerge winner of the presidential primary.

The video has been shared on Twitter, Facebook, and even on WhatsApp status, creating an impression that the Ghana must-go bags are filled with cash Tinubu purportedly shared to delegates to curry their votes during the convention.

“APC Delegate Bola Ahmed Tanibu (sic) is ready for you,” is engraved on the clip.

One Chigozie Alex, who shared the video wrote, “Wondering why Tinubu won with landslide? This video says it all. Even the SE (South East delegates) didn’t vote for their own people same way PDP SE delegates chose Atiku because of money. In 2023, we don’t have the money to match APC & PDP but we have people on our side & we will vote our conscience.”


Daily Trust’s checks showed that the video was recorded when a host shared souvenirs in Ghana must-go bags at an event in Lagos to appreciate those who attended the party.

The video first surfaced on the internet last year when some blogs shared the video, stating that the bags contained a toaster, cartons of noodles, bottles of beverage and detergents.

In the clip, a visibly excited woman was also heard saying, “this thing (pointing at the bag) is for one person at Ajibola’s party o,” and singing elatedly.

Commenting on the post, one AbdulAzeez raised the alarm, noting that the video was misleading.

He said, “I wonder why we just subject ourselves to be misled, maybe it’s because of the hatred we have for someone or people, we just believe anything that’s said about them even when we see fact to the contrary. The woman was saying it in the video that this is shared at a party. Still some people choose to believe otherwise.”

Another comment said, “This video is misleading. You can hear clearly what the woman said ‘this is for one person at Ajibola’s party’ This video has been trending for more than a year now.”


Daily Trust can confirm that the video in circulation does not involve Tinubu sharing money to the delegates as the poster claimed. It was a video made when ecstatic guests received huge bags containing souvenirs at a party in Lagos.

This fact check is done in collaboration with the Center for Democracy and Development.[/b]