China Deploys Nuclear Missiles, Tanks, Heavy Military Equipment To Taiwan Border

VIDEOS have emerged of military vehicles and equipment, including DF-16 ballistic missiles, driving on the beaches and roads of the Fujian province. Fujian and Taiwan are separated by the narrow Taiwan Strait.

Following increasing tensions between China and Taiwan, which were seemingly reignited by the US’ visit to Taiwan and the “Get ready for war!” message posted by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) 80th Group, China’s military has been spotted rolling into Fujian on Tuesday, August 2.

Videos show tanks and military vehicles from China driving across a Fujian beach while people are trying to enjoy the sand and sea.

“Chinese beaches in Fujian province now,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another person wrote: “Military equipment of the Chinese army spotted on the beaches of Fujian province.”

After rolling across the beach, the Type 63A amphibious tanks were seen driving across Fujian, days after China’s air force conducted patrols of Taiwan.

“Type 63A amphibious tanks, they get used to lead amphibious assaults on beaches now being seen across Fujian,” one person said.

Euro Weekly News