All the Women Alleging things against Suleiman are into Acting/Showbiz?

Have you noticed that all the women alleging things against Suleiman are into acting/showbiz?

From the first accuser, Stephanie Otobo, to the latest,Halima Abubakar, they’re all into the acting and showbiz industry.

I’m not defending anyone but just find the probability of this coincidence being innocent highly unlikely.

Back in the days of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, an actress was paid to hide in his hotel wardrobe, in a city he was visiting, to take compromising pictures of him while asleep. All without his knowledge but it was foiled when she started burning up in the wardrobe she was hiding in.

If I wanted to sell a lie, an actist would be the perfect pick to play the role convincely.

Why are these women not also coming out about politicians and business people they’ve affairs with if there’s no satanic agenda to this to ‘accuse the brethren’? Or do they mean they’ve never slept with anyone else?

If yes they ever slept with another man, why is Suleiman’s own worth revealing and not the others? Could it be cause he’s a man of God, and as such, his reputation is of great consequence? Most likely also because there is inducement.

I’m not saying Apostle is innocent though. Only God knows this.