Advantages Of Working From Home

5 Advantages of Working From Home

Most times working from home is underrated. Working from home has lots of advantages that it almost feels like a luxury

It can be so wonderful to not have to share workspaces with annoying coworkers and overbearing bosses

Let’s talk about the 5 Benefits of Working From Home

1. Being Able to Save a Lot of Time
Working at home helps save a lot of precious time. That means that you can spend more time doing the things that you actually love in life.

If you want to be able to hang out more with your friends and family members, then working at home can open you up to that pure joy.

It is so nice to not have to deal with long traffic in the morning and again at night(Lagos people can relate wella)

Not having to deal with uber drivers or any other form of transportation daily

Not having to leave home as early as 4 am & come back around 11pm

2. Being Able to Work in an Environment You Love:

It can be nice to be able to work as you stare at your walls covered in photographs of the people you love the most in the world

Staring at pictures of family members all day definitely beats being in a cold and sterile office environment with harsh lighting

3. Being Able to Take Breaks Whenever the Need Arises
If you work at home, then you’re in charge of your own schedule. You don’t have to worry much about anyone monitoring you.

It can be frustrating to not be able to nap quickly any time your eyelids feel heavy or go for a refreshing walk any time when you feel overwhelmed with work.

4. Not Having to Spend too much on Food:
It can be frustrating to have to buy food daily from local restaurants and fast food joints or pack food from home.

Paying for food outside can cost a lot. When I was working as a cashier with L.G., I used to spend 2/3 of my salary on T.P & the rest on food. Yes, no savings!

5. Not Having to Pick Out Outfits

Thinking of matching colours of shoes, bags & outfit is a herculean task

Back then, I used to spend my weekends planning clothes for the week.

To think that you have to iron the clothes to look professional

At home, you can wear your softest pair of leggings around. You can even keep your pyjamas on.