30 Years Marriage. Share Tips For Young Men

5. When she’s in the kitchen, keep her company, gist with her but also make yourself useful. Cutting onions or peeling maggi cubes makes you involved in good way. It would be good if you have a special dish that she looks forward to. Mine was stew but I haven’t done it in ages.6. If it is just both of you (no children or domestic help) it is your responsibility to do the dishes after a meal she has cooked. She may protest but you should insist. Washing plates is actually quite therapeutic. It also a role reversal: you in the kitchen, she gisting with you.7. Women’s clothes tend not to have pockets like men’s. So, her phone will often be in her bag or wherever she last used it. If you want to be able to reach her all the time, buy her a smart watch that will vibrate on her wrist.8. You may spend a lot of money on a smart watch, like an Apple Watch, and she still won’t wear it. You need to give her a health-related reason to wear it all the time. Women take their health much more seriously than us men. “Darling, it will even monitor you pulse & heartbeat.”�9. When you are out with her and friends, try not to talk too much. At the same time, don’t be cold and boring. Don’t yarn what you don’t know. Don’t name-drop. Let it be others that talk about how connected you are. Be gracious, smile a lot and exude confidence
10. At a party with her, don’t drink too much and make a fool of yourself. Be funny in a self-deprecating way. Women like men that can laugh at their own selves & that are not afraid to show they are not perfect. But don’t start to display like a clown…unless you are paid to do so.11. Whatever you do, don’t ever make your woman feel insecure. Using another woman to make her feel jealous is immature and daft. Don’t. Instead, tell her you’ll always be with her. No divorce. No separation. Ever. Whatever else she worries about, she shouldn’t worry about that one.12. Any engine that you don’t service regularly will give you trouble. Make sure you change her oil often. She will run smoothly and will not give you trouble often. Remember that I it is your job to arrange an oil change often. Don’t wait until you see ‘check engine’ lights. �13. You and I know that we, men, are not good alone. When she’s not in town, throw yourself into work, spend more time on Twitter, read that book you’ve been meaning to read and go on Netflix. Stay away from temptation. It has a way of looking for you when your madam is not around.14. Finally, some of these things are aspirational even for me. For instance, I won’t be buying her that Apple Watch until next month. Okay. That’s enough for now. Let’s continue another time. Hopefully, it won’t take another 5 years before we do so. Good luck. ✌