200 Days Of ASUU Strike – An Analysis

Following our 2020 comprehensive review of ASUU strikes since Nigeria’s independence, we published a 2022 update:The 2022 ASUU strike is at the moment, the second longest strike in #Nigeria’s history; this has overtaken the 2010-11 strike of 180 days and the 2002-03 strike of 172 days.By the end of 2022, the number of days lost to the strike will be 320 days, 45-46 days short of a full calendar year and one academic session. In months, the strike will be 6 months, 19 days on September 2; 8 months 18 days by November 1 and 10 months 17 days by December 31.Gen Z (b 1997 – 2012) is gradually getting close to the Millennials generation (1981 – 1996) as the generation most affected by ASUU strike. The latter lost a total of 1039 days to these strikes. Gen Z has lost 920 days so far.Source
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