How A Pastor’s Daughter Who Went For Night Runs Found Herself In Police Station


A young lady was weeping incessantly behind the front desk of a police station. She sat among other girls who were not feeling remoseful in any way, as some of them were chewing gums and making silly noises as their restless jaws and tongues. Yet, the girl sat apart from them, crying bitterly.

They had all just been brought from red zones where police had gone to raid the night prostitutes, so she happened to be among them. DPO came to ask why she was in bitter regrets. She confessed, she is a daughter of a pastor and that was her first time of going out with her room mates on the campus, and unfortunately, she was raided with them.

While Judgement seems to be very slow in catching up with the godless or people know not God, it seems, at times, to be very quick in catching up with God’s own people who digress from Him. When the people of the world and those who have little or no respect for God decide to put the Ark of God, on a cart, YOU NEVER BE TIRED OF PLACING THEM ON YOUR SHOULDERS. You can not live your life the way the world is living their lives.